Tonight: Reading for the Future, a technology primer for new(er) barristers


Online - Thursday, 16 November 2023

The seminar will be chaired by David Thomas SC, chair of the Practice Development Committee.

Speakers include:

  • Ruth Higgins SC, the President of the NSW Bar Association, who will introduce the Seminar;
  • Her Honour Justice Stern JATechnology, a view from the Bench;
  • Gerard Groarke, Irish Bar, director of the Paperless Academy will speak on 'Technology in briefing/using documents, setting up an electronic court book';
  • Kristian Schmid, NIDA Senior Manager Learning Design – NIDA, will speak on Technology in advocacy - some advanced techniques for presenting on-screen;
  • Ian Hemmings SC will speak on 'Technology in cross -examination – some advanced techniques'; and
  • Ralphed Notley, Director, NSW Bar Association Bar Practice Course will speak on Technology and working with senior counsel.

This online seminar has been designed to improve the use of technology by newer barristers, in the expectation that they will impart those skills to more senior barristers with whom they work.

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