Liability for and management of IT and Cyber Risk


In-person - Tuesday, 28 November 2023

Cyber-crime is a rapidly growing and evolving issue for businesses large and small. The Bar Association and the Association of Corporate Counsel are holding a CPD in the Bar Common Room for barristers and corporate counsel with a networking event to follow after the CPD concludes.

From small scale 'phishing' to handling major data breaches, commercial organisations and their lawyers need to keep up with developments in this rapidly changing area in order to manage the risk that it presents. That risk includes the potential for legal liability to those whose private information they hold such as customers, as well as to shareholders and others who can be affected by an attack on their organisation.

Join speakers:

  • Chair - Kate Richardson SC
  • Speaker - Stephen Free SC
  • Speaker - Matt O'Kane
  • Speaker - David Gallagher

This session will examine the potential liability that commercial organisations may be exposed to in the aftermath of an attack as well as potential responses to a major data breach. It will also examine the expectations of regulators, Courts and insurers as to ways in which cyber risk might be managed.

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