2007 committee membership: FINAL NOTICE TO MEMBERS


The president annually reviews the need for the Bar Association’s various committees; the role of those committees; and their membership. I should be grateful if members (not just those holding a practising certificate) would let me know by COB Thursday 30 November 2006 if they wish to be considered for appointment to one or more of the association’s committees.

I would also request existing members of committees who do not wish to continue on a committee to let me know by 30 November 2006. Otherwise I will assume that existing members of committees wish to continue on that committee.

The Bar Association is very fortunate that we have many more volunteers for committees than can possibly be accommodated. I would therefore request members restrict their choice of committees to no more than three.

In confirming committee membership, the president ensures that all parts of the Bar – geographically, practice areas and seniority – are represented on each committee.

Please note that until new committees are established and promulgated, the existing committees continue unchanged. The existing appointments to various working parties and representatives for the Bar Association continue unless and until the president determines otherwise.

A form listing the proposed 2007 committees is attached. Please return this form showing the committees for which you wish to be considered for appointment, or e-mail your committee preference to cpenrose@nswbar.asn.au.

Acknowledgement of receipt will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours. If you do not receive an acknowledgement please contact cpenrose@nswbar.asn.au or telephone Cindy Penrose on 9229 1739.

Download the form listing the proposed 2007 committees .

Thank you.

P.A. Selth Executive Director

30?November 2006

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