Fees owed to counsel - BDA Legal


Pursuant to s623(2) of the Legal Profession Act 2004 (NSW), the Law Society of New South Wales has appointed a manager to the law practice of BDA Legal, Suite 27, Level 3, 301 Castlereagh St, Sydney. The law practice's operating status has yet to be assessed. Whilst the manager will do whatever can be done to assist counsel to recover fees, it is each counsel's responsibility to ensure the adequacy of his or her commercial arrangements with instructing solicitors and the manager may not be able to assist.

Raymond John Collins has been appointed as manager of the law practice. He may be contacted on ph: (02) 9926 0240, fax: (02) 9926 0166, DX 362 SYDNEY or via e-mail: LXT@lawsocnsw.asn.au

**30 March 2009 **

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