Legislation to note: amendments to the Federal Magistrates Court Rules


The Federal Magistrates Court Amendment Rules 2009 (No 3) comes into effect on 30 November 2009. The amendments introduce new rules in relation to subpoenas with provision for the release of documents produced for inspection and copying without the need for a listing before a judicial officer, where there is no objection.� The amendments are aimed at reducing the number of court appearances for production of subpoenaed documents when there is no dispute.

The subpoena� form has been approved for use from 30 November 2009. The new approved form includes a new notice of objection. The old/current subpoena form will be removed from the website and should not be filed from 30 November 2009.�

A new Notice of Request to Inspect� form has been approved for use from 30 November 2009� and must be filed prior to any right to inspect under the rules.� �

**30 November 2009 **

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