Daily Telegraph publishes apology to Tania Evers


As members may be aware, in April 2008 The Daily Telegraph made certain allegations against Tania Evers, barrister. Among other things, The Daily Telegraph article said that a complaint had been made to the legal services commissioner in respect of Ms Evers. The complaint was subsequently dismissed.

As these matters were made public, the association is of the view that the terms of The Daily Telegraph’s apology to Ms Evers should also be publicised. The Daily Telegraph _published the following correction and apology to Ms Evers on its web site on 9 February 2010 and in _The Daily Telegraph on 10 and 17 February 2010:


On 16 April 2008, The Daily Telegraph published an article about the conduct of Tania Evers as defence counsel in a criminal trial. There was also an editorial on the issue. Various criticisms were made of Ms Evers.

The Daily Telegraph acknowledges that criticisms made of Ms Evers were unjustified and that some of the facts asserted were incorrect. In particular The Daily Telegraph _accepts that Ms Evers was not warned by the trial judge about her conduct, and accepts that there was nothing wrong with her conduct. _The Daily Telegraph withdraws all criticism made of Ms Evers and unreservedly apologises to her._

17 February 2010

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