Sydney Family Law Courts' Liaison Meetings for 2010


The Family Court of Australia and the Federal Magistrates Court will be holding its regular Family Law Liaison Meetings with the legal profession in 2010. Those meetings provide a valuable opportunity for the courts to brief the profession on recent developments in the courts and hear from the profession their views on issues. All practitioners are welcome to attend. The dates for this year's meetings will be:

  • Wednesday, 24 March at 5pm

  • Wednesday, 23 June at 5pm

  • Wednesday, 8 September at 5pm

  • Wednesday, 1 December at 5pm

All meetings will take place in Conference Room 1 on Level 8 Lionel Bowen Building, 99 Goulburn Street, Sydney. Reminders will also be sent closer to the date of each meeting.

**22 February 2010 **

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