Silks of 2009 make generous donations



It is a long-standing tradition that each year’s new silks donate a gift to the Bar Association or, particularly more recently, to one or more charities. The 2009 silks have donated $52,646.00 to the The Benevolent Society ($15,697.50), The Sydney Children's Hospital ($22,010.50) and the Indigo Foundation ($14,938.00). The Benevolent Society is an independent, non-religious, non-profit organisation with nearly 200 years experience. The Indigo Foundation is an independent Australian community development organisation, which provides assistance to improve the lives of people in marginalised communities in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, working in the areas of health, education, and agriculture. The foundation is currently supporting community development projects in Rote, Indonesia, Hazarajhat, Afghanistan, Solomon Islands and Tamil Naidu, India. The Bar Association thanks the 2009 silks for their very generous donation to these worthy organisations. **22 February 2010 **

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