Fee recovery assistance


The Bar Association assists members to recover unpaid fees from solicitors where the fees have been outstanding for more than three months but less than two years and where� members have complied with the fee disclosure requirements of the Legal Profession Act 1987 or the _Legal Profession Act 2004. _

The Bar Association will write to the solicitors requesting payment.� If the association’s efforts are unsuccessful the association can provide a list of solicitors who have indicated a willingness to undertake fee recovery work on behalf of members. Members contract directly with any firm of solicitors ultimately engaged. The Bar Association is not responsible for legal fees incurred by members nor does the association give any assurance in respect of the advice or service provided. �

Requests for assistance should be directed to the executive director, New South Wales Bar Association by post or e-mail (executivedirector@nswbar.asn.au) and headed Fee Recovery.

**25 February 2010 **

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