New Supreme Court Practice Note SC Eq 4 - Corporations List


The Chief Justice has issued Practice Note SC Eq 4 - Corporations List.� It replaces former Practice Note SC Eq 4 issued on 11 March 2009.� �

The new Practice Note commences on Monday 31 May 2010.� �

The Practice Note relates to the new structure in the Corporations List in the Equity Division.�

All proceedings and applications in the Corporations List (except those in the Corporations Registrar's List) will be managed by the Corporations List Judge with the aim of achieving speedy resolution of the real issues in the proceedings.� There will also be a Corporations Duty Judge available at all times to hear any urgent applications in corporations matters.

The Registrars' delegated powers are outlined in Schedule 1 of the Practice Note.

Schedule 2 outlines arrangements that apply to the appointment of liquidators by the Court.

20 May 2010

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