Breakfast talk series - How should our dual heritage affect one’s life in the public square?


This is the� final� talk� in a� series of five Thursday breakfast talks� "Athens and Jerusalem - Must I live under two laws at once?"� where Emeritus Prof Edwin Judge explores both the classical and biblical cultural traditions whose interaction have created the distinctive dynamic mix forming Western civilisation. The talk will take place on **Thursday, 27 May.� **

The 'two laws' – of Athens and Jerusalem – are not simply alternative options, they are radical alternative worldviews. Yet this uneasy heritage of both Athens and Jerusalem is built into each of our individual minds - it explains the dynamism of Western thought. Athens’ classical thought required reason and behaviour within the natural order, while Jerusalem’s Genesis account opened up the universe to the experimental method, creating modern science which tests a world subject to change. This duality of thought means that each of us are kept in suspense between Athens’ orderly ethics and Jerusalem’s sacrificial morality.

Emeritus Prof Judge of Macquarie University is one of the leading academic figures in Australia.

Venue:� Silks Coffee Lounge, 170 Phillip St (next to Selborne Chambers).� �

Breakfast from 7:20am, (at own cost), please order by 7.30am –�� talks commence 7:40am, conclude 8:20am.

Attendance at this event will attract 0.5 points under the Continuing Professional Development Programme

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