Free tickets to The Waiting City


The newly-released Australian film The Waiting City _has interesting connections with the legal profession. The main female lead character (superbly played by the beautiful Radha Mitchell) is a senior associate soon to be partner, in a major (fictional) Sydney law firm. She and her husband Ben (Joel Edgerton) are in Calcutta to adopt a little girl. The story is about what happens to them. _The Waiting City has opened to many favourable reviews and has been endorsed by Steve Waugh amongst others.

This film’s other legal connection is through the producer Jamie Hilton, who is a cousin of Jeffrey Hilton SC, Head of 9 Selbourne Chambers and the script writer/director Claire McCarthy, who is the daughter of John McCarthy QC, head of 5 Wentworth Chambers.

To celebrate these legal connections of The Waiting City arrangements have been made for five complementary passes for the first five members of the Bar Association who contact In Brief.

**22 July 2010 **

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