TONIGHT - Wednesday 25 August: Richard of Anstey and the Sackville Inheritance


This lecture will be presented by The Hon John P Bryson QC and chaired by The Hon Justice P W Young AO, and is co-sponsored by the Selden Society and the Forbes Society in conjunction with the New South Wales Bar Association. Richard of Anstey's claim to inherit his late uncle's manors took five years to reach decision by King Henry II and�there were many�delays and adjournments,� procedural manoeuvres, irrelevant arguments, interlocutory appeals, overseas journeys,�masses of documents, doubtful law and enormous expense and trouble. There was no restraint in this family conflict. Richard attacked his niece's legitimacy and she responded with claims of fraud in high places. Some constants of litigation were present in the Twelfth Century. For more details download a flyer.

**25 August 2010 **

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