Lawyers in the Second World War


In March of this year In Brief published Tony Cunneen's request for help in identifying members of the legal profession who served in the Second World War or were involved in war related activities (such as the Red Cross or war crimes trials). Tony was deluged with e-mail (or was it bombarded?) and he has completed an updated list.

Tony would like to thank the many people who supplied information and the draft Honour Roll has been updated and expanded to include a great deal of new material. The new list is supplied for the interest and comment of the bar.

"I am still looking for further information and particularly photos from their service days of the men named in the Honour Roll for an accompanying article, so if there are any available that people are willing to share then please contact me", said Tony.

Anyone with relevant information is invited to contact Tony providing names, service information, fate, legal career and sources for further information.

**26 August 2010 **

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