Registrations close 12 noon tomorrow: 2010 Criminal Justice Reform Conference - Friday, 10 September 2010


This conference, convened by Bar Council, will consider the practical problems arising during criminal trials and sentencing of offenders in New South Wales. The principal purpose of this conference is to bring the immediate procedural needs of our criminal justice system to the attention of both government and opposition. The pre-election law and order debate has already commenced and this conference will enable the Bar Association to distil and then to inject some sound proposals for reform to criminal procedure into that debate.

The half-day conference will be a wholly in-house forum in which members of the Bar will discuss the problems of and proposals for improving our criminal justice system. Drinks will follow in the common room. This is a free event, however, registration is required. All members of the Bar are most welcome. For further details download a registration form.

8 September 2010

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