Books for the Children


On any list day at the Children's Court one sees children and their parents, friends and family waiting, sometimes for hours, with nothing at all to do. In January 2011 some practitioners started the Book Project, with the aim of placing books at the seven Children’s Courts around NSW – Parramatta, Glebe, Campbelltown, Port Kembla, Broadmeadow, Woy Woy and Wyong. Beginning at Glebe, books were provided for children of all ages, but as often as not they are read by the adults present. Unfortunately, Parramatta Children's Court declined to take part in the scheme.

What you can do

If you are a practitioner who attends Children’s Court, keep an eye on the books.� Some books do go missing in action, and, if you can, you might replenish supplies with good quality children’s books in good or new condition.� If shelves become damaged, please let us know so they can be replaced.

If you do not yourself attend the Children’s Courts, but can supply books, give them to your colleagues who do, or drop them off to Michele Fraser at Frederick Jordan Chambers, 53 Martin Place Sydney,� DX 450 Sydney. If you are a practitioner who attends at Broadmeadow, Woy Woy and Wyong Childrens Courts and would like to oversee the project in those parts, please contact Michele Fraser on tel (02) 9229 7239.

**19 August�2011 **

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