Health and wellbeing survey of Australian lawyers


The University of New South Wales Law School is conducting a study of the Australian legal profession. The Australian Research Council funded project hopes to learn about the working conditions, work experience, and health and wellbeing of Australian solicitors and barristers who practise in a variety of settings. If you wish to take the survey, or volunteer to be interviewed, click here. The study is being conducted independently through the University of NSW and no information will be provided to the study by either the Bar Association or BarCare. BarCare Members are reminded that BarCare is a confidential independent professional counselling service designed to assist members of the New South Wales Bar manage emotional and stress-related problems, such as marital breakdowns, drug or alcohol dependency and practice pressures. BarCare is available to all members of the Bar Association and their immediate families. If a member requires assistance, he or she is encouraged to contact Penny Johnston, Director, Care and Assistance, to arrange an appointment for a consultation. Ph 02 9331 3872 or Alternatively members and their families seeking assistance can directly contact one of the panel specialists to make an appointment for a consultation. 30 January 2013

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