New procedures for Court of Criminal Appeal filings


After extensive discussions with interested parties, including the Bar Association, the Supreme Court CEO and principal registrar has announced new procedures for CCA filings.

Drop off box for non-urgent CCA filings

The court has now made available a drop off box just inside the registry doors on Level 5 for non urgent filings for frequent users, on the following understanding:

  • the material is placed in a sealed envelope so that it is secure and cannot be mingled with other possible loose material in the box
  • at least 4 copies of any document to be filed are to be provided
  • the envelope must be clearly marked with the matter name, the CCA file number, and the contact name and telephone number of the filing party
  • the material is in regard to matters that are NOT listed before the Court within 2 clear working days of the lodgment of the material in the box. For example, if a case is listed before the Court on a Monday, the last day for lodgment of any material is cob Wednesday
  • for the avoidance of doubt, applications for interlocutory appeals and bail review must be filed at the counter, and not by way of the drop off box
  • material for the commencement of new matters must NOT be lodged in the drop off box, it must be filed at the counter, and
  • as is currently the case, sealed copies of the filed material will be placed in your respective satchels/ envelopes for collection upon request by your staff at counters 1 and 2 by 10 am the following day. No ticket is required for the collection of the filed/ sealed material.

Procedure for urgent filings and complex enquiries

For all urgent filings, a ticket must be taken and you will need to wait until your number is called.

In relation to enquiries which cannot immediately be answered by a counter staff member, as is currently the case, assistance will be sought by that staff member from a colleague who has detailed knowledge of CCA matters and issues. Training of our counter staff in relation to CCA matters and issues is ongoing. We sincerely appreciate your patience during this period of training of our staff members.

**Filing of submissions, lists of authorities and unreported judgments **

An electronic copy of submissions should be sent to the email address of the CCA ( 3 days before the hearing. This is in addition to the hard copy of the submissions which will have been previously filed at the Registry in accordance with the directions made by the Registrar at the callover. As foreshadowed at the meeting on 23 April 2013, the Practice Note will be amended to reflect this new practice.

Lists of authorities and unreported judgments are to be sent to the email address of the CCA by no later than 3 pm the day before the hearing. The parties are not required to file a hard copy of that material. Similarly to the position with submissions, the Practice Note will be amended to reflect this new practice.

27 May 2013

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