Biometric ID for access to NSW prisons


Members have been notified that they are now required to use biometric identification to access NSW prisons. The Department of Corrective Services held two early registration days on 26 and 28 November 2013. The association is currently negotiating with Corrective Services to have further registration days set aside for Bar Association members.

In the meantime, members not already registered on the biometric identification system should arrive 15-20 minutes prior to a scheduled prison visit in order to complete the registration process. A Bar Association member identification card or Legal Aid identification card will be sufficient proof of identity for the registration process.

The Bar Association is still negotiating with the Department of Corrective Services in relation to other aspects of the biometric identification scheme, and the outcome of these negotiations will be advised to members in due course.

Enquiries in relation to biometric identification should be directed to Megan Black on 9229 1739 or at

6 December 2013

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