Gazettal of amended New South Wales Barristers Rules.


A new, amended version of the New South Wales Barristers’ Rules were published in the NSW Government Gazette No. 168 at page 5703. They replace the version gazetted on 8 July 2011 and reflect the amendments made to the uniform national rules of conduct prepared and approved by the Australian Bar Association. The new rules will take effect on 6 January 2014.

The new rules incorporate amendments to clauses 17(f), 24B, 36, 78, 88A, 95(b), 95(j), 96(b), and 99(l). The new rules incorporate the addition of new clauses 40A, 40B, 40C, 88(c)(v), 115, 116, and 117 and definitions in clause 119 for the terms ‘discrimination’, ‘sexual harassment’, and ‘workplace bullying’.

6 December 2013

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