Bar FC secures 1-0 win



With Sir Alex away, and Captain Phillips still on the sidelines, last Thursday the team turned to Hartford Davis for its leadership. His new structure and pre-game prep came with some questions from the team initially but the strategy proved to be a winning combination.

Starting with an initial flurry of players on the card, it looked like we could barely make the 11 at 1.15. However over the hill they turned up one by one. Morrison, Hall and Chadd were out strong in the first few minutes, with a refreshed line up in the mid field and up front.

Then, catastrophe struck! Hall, during a strong contested struggle took a crack to the nose. Hia ruled him off with our medic, Coutinho (resting after weekend injuries) taking him off to the ER for scans. Hall now has a nasty black eye, nasal and eye socket fractures. Bar FC wishes him well and a speedy return to the blue and white. Rumours are that the kit shirt covered in his blood will be gifted to him as testimony to his brave struggle for Bar FC

D’Arville, fresh from Newcastle that morning made it onto the field as the first sub, taking up a strong defensive midfield position. Liu was strong on the left wing, with some excellent crosses, complimented by Olsen on the right Santucci, with some beautiful through balls, it was only time until we could secure a goal.

Half time came with still a nil all score card, but the team was buoyant with hope that we could secure that elusive goal. After the break and following a few false starts, and off sides, HALL finally finished with a beautiful goal. The back line was a new combination with FREDRICKS, LARISH, and PHILLIPS, left to right. With GRISTI coming on as a solid defender, following finishing his morning mediation, just in time.

O’SHEA and COMPTON making a couple of runs as our super subs. DE MERICK was strong in goals, playing the entire game and held them out, he remains with a clean record FREDRICKS our work horse, and B PHILLIPS, first game this season provided a surprising strong and agile back line.

The final minutes saw the back line being stacked (following instructions from S PHILLIPS) to hold them out. LARISH as centre back, held the line.

In our new democratic voting system, LARISH was determined by his peers to be best on field, with honourable mentions to PHILLIPS and HARTFORD DAVIS

The team last Thursday was:

  • Rohan De Meyrick (GK)
  • David Larish
  • Glen Fredericks
  • Thomas Liu
  • Sebastian Hartford Davis (C)
  • Aaron Hall
  • Phillip Santucci
  • Anthony Chadd
  • Hugh Morrison
  • Geoff O’Shea
  • Anais D’Arville
  • Nick Olsen
  • Ben Phillips
  • Ivan Griscti
  • Nicole Compton

Special thanks to S PHILLIPS, Lo SORDO and COUTINHO for cheering us on the side lines.

Bar FC’s next outing is against Announcer FC at 1.15 p.m. Thursday, 31 May 2018 in the Domain. All supporters welcome.

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