Time to talk about a properly resourced "Family Court of Australia 2.0"


Law reform and public affairs

The New South Wales Bar Association has today released a discussion paper to encourage a national conversation about the benefits of preserving a specialist "Family Court of Australia 2.0" as an alternative to the restructure proposed by the Commonwealth attorney-general on 30 May 2018.

In an op-ed article for today's Daily Telegraph, Bar Association President Arthur Moses SC said: "Australia’s family law system contributes immeasurable social and economic value to our society. For more than forty years, the Family Court of Australia has been one of Australia’s premier legal institutions, a specialist superior court admired by other family law jurisdictions around the world for its innovative management of the most complex and difficult family law matters. A specialist family court should not be disassembled without informed consideration of alternative options".

The media release prefacing the discussion paper is available here.

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