Tonight: Australian Business Volunteers information evening



The Bar Association's Wellbeing Committee will host a joint information session with Australian Business Volunteers highlighting the opportunities and benefits for members in joining ABV's cohort of professionals and senior business people. The seminar will take place in the Common Room on Tuesday, 25 September at 5.15pm and will be chaired by Kylie Nomchong SC. The special guest speakers will be Sue Kluss, barrister, and Liz Mackinlay, CEO of ABV.

ABV is an expert international aid organisation spearheading inclusive economic growth across the Asia Pacific region. They were established in 1981 by the Australian Government to leverage Australian business expertise for sustainable community development and institutional capacity building. They have over 35 years working in the region delivering more than 5000 development projects.

ABV work exclusively with professionals that have over ten years’ experience, as well as small business owners who are experienced in cultivating entrepreneurship. These professionals provide expertise spanning marketing, regulatory compliance, occupational health and safety and more.

If you have practised in, or have a deep familiarity with, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, the Solomon Islands or other nations in the Asia Pacific, then this program may be of interest to you.

Joining the cohort of volunteers for overseas assignment would have a number of wellbeing and professional benefits for barristers, including giving them a means to take a medium term break from chambers or to transition to retirement.

For more information, contact the coordinator of services and benefits, Chris Winslow.

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