Request for Nominations for CTP Customer Experience Interviews


SIRA and icare are seeking nominations from the legal profession who have experience being involved with CTP claims to take part in our CTP Care Customer Experience Design Process. Nominees are sought to take part in a 1 hour interview in July to help understand their experience with claimants who require treatment beyond 5 years.

Attached is some information on the process.

Background Under the Motor Accidents Injuries Act 2017 eligible people injured in a motor vehicle accident on NSW roads will now have their ongoing treatment and care needs managed by icare (instead of their CTP insurer) after a period of five years from their accident.

The goal is to ensure that CTP claimants who are eligible have a quick and easy transition from their CTP Insurer to icare and their needs are met while interacting seamlessly with their broader support networks. The service provided by icare to CTP claimants is referred to as CTP Care.

Logistics Interviews will take place in July anticipated to be for about 1 hour. The team are happy to attend lawyers offices or can be held at icare offices at 321 Kent Street.

Members who are interested in participating in the interviews should contact Alastair McConnachie at by close of business 2nd of July 2019.

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