Electronic briefs using the Workers Compensation Commission “portal”


The Workers Compensation Commission will have a purely computer based system of filing documents from January 2020. Their system envisages that many solicitors will not send a traditional brief to counsel and that instead barristers will read most of their brief by accessing the filed documents through the WCC “portal”.

The WCC has offered to conduct a seminar for barristers to teach them how to use this system. It would run for at least an hour. They are flexible on timing and at this stage would like an indication of how many members of Bar would like to attend. It is envisaged that 4.00 pm on a Thursday at Level 21 1 Oxford Street would be a likely time and venue.

Would members who are interested in attending the proposed seminar please contact Alastair McConnachie on PH: 9232 4055 or amcconnachie@nswbar.asn.au.

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