Room for Sale in Five Selborne Chambers


Practice Support

A large room, suitable for a Silk or senior junior, is for sale on 5 Selborne.

The room, which is 1.5x standard size (4,500 shares in Counsel's Chambers Ltd), has a Phillip Street frontage and has a bright and airy outlook. It has built-in floor-to-ceiling cupboards, including a robing cupboard, and plenty of shelving. It has a good reverse air-conditioner, a small bar fridge and a separate secretarial/research assistant space is also available.

The Floor has a strong tradition of excellence, particularly in commercial and taxation law. The barristers and staff are friendly and collegiate, leading to a harmonious and inclusive work environment. The Floor has adopted and observes the NSW Bar Association policies and procedures to ensure that it continues to promote these values.

All technology for a modern practice is available.

A large timber desk with drawers and return is separately available with the room, as is also a large collection of authorities and books.

Some vendor finance may be available.

For further information regarding the room and the Floor, please contact Clerk Terry Funnell on 02 9235 1155 or via email:

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