Bar Association Rhetoric Series: Seminar 2, Tuesday, 5 June 2007 at 5.15pm

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Seminar 2 in the Bar’s Rhetoric Series is to be held on Tuesday 5 June 2007 at 5.15�pm in the Common Room.� The topic is Cicero’s De Oratore and the Philippics.�...

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Federal Magistrates Court User Group Meeting: for bankruptcy legal practioners

There will be a meeting of the Federal Magistrates Court Users Group meeting for legal practitioners who represent parties in bankruptcy matters.

The meeting is to be held at 4.30 pm on Wednesday 13...

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Final Sydney sitting for Callinan J

Justice Callinan will participate in his final full court sitting in Sydney at 9:30am on Friday 15 June 2007 in Courtroom 19A Law Courts Building, Queens Square. In the past, representatives of the...

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Letter to the editor, Daily Telegraph (unpublished), 29 May 2007

The president of the Bar Association, Michael Slattery QC, has written to the editor of the Daily Telegraph�regarding another misleading article on the representation of former NSW prosecutor...

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Working for law and justice in the Solomon Islands

The Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI),�is�offering to experienced candidates exciting opportunities to strengthen the rule of law and improve the system of justice...

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Graham Freudenberg to conduct rhetoric seminar

The convenors of the NSW Bar’s Rhetoric Seminar Series are honoured to announce that Mr Graham Freudenberg will be conducting the sixth seminar in the series, which will be entitled "20th...

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Talk to students at Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature in Bordeaux

Take time out from the Rugby World Cup in 2007 to visit Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature in Bordeaux, a�judicial college�that trains magistrates & prosecutors in southwest France.


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Bench & Bar photos now available for purchase online

Photographs from the Bench and Bar Dinner 2007 may be ordered from the photographer's web site:� � Access may also be gained via the Bar Association's web...

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PC Renewals Update #5 - Completing renewal documentation correctly

The Bar Association has received a number of practising certificate renewal applications that will need to be returned to the applicant because the documentation is incomplete. View the renewals...

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Trade Mission to Hong Kong

In October this year a small group of representatives of the Australian Bar Association will take part in a trade mission to Hong Kong. The purpose of the mission is to promote Australian barristers...

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15 Bobber - His Hon Judge Robert Toner SC

To celebrate the appointment of His Hon Judge Robert Toner SC to the District Court a 15 Bobber will be held on Friday, 25 May 2007. Speaker will be James Poulos QC. The 15 Bobber will commence at...

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Disclosure of offences for which penalty notices are issued - PC renewals update #4

An applicant for the grant or renewal of a practising certificate is not required, pursuant to clause 11(1)(j) of the Regulation, to notify:

•�the issue of a penalty notice, and payment of...

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ALRC Inquiry into Legal Professional Privilege – Consultation with the NSW Bar Association, Tuesday 22nd May at 5pm

The ALRC is conducting an inquiry into legal professional privilege in the context of the coercive information gathering powers of federal bodies. On 23 April the ALRC released Issues Paper 33 Client...

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Australian Bar Association Conference, Chicago, June 2007

Places are still available for the ABA Conference in Chicago.�For further information about the impressive list of speakers, as well as contact details for registration and further information,...

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Professional Indemnity Insurance and the Bar Association’s Professional Standards Scheme

All four professional indemnity insurance policies approved by the Attorney General for the 2007-08 practising certificate year meet the requirements of the Bar Association’s Professional...

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Invitation to attend Bar Association Rhetoric Seminar Series

All members of the Association are invited to join in the Bar Association’s Rhetoric Seminar Series. This series of seven seminars commences on Monday 28 May at 5:15pm�and will run for...

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Practising certificate renewals: Update #2

Practising certificate renewals 2007-2008 Update #2 is now available. Click here to download and view your copy in pdf.

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Media release: Bar Association applies to have News Ltd charged with contempt of court

The Bar Association has applied to have News Ltd charged with contempt of court for the manner in which it published the names of people who gave character statements in the trial of Dr Power.


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Practising certificate renewals: Update #1

All New South Wales barristers' practising certificates expire on 30 June. Therefore, a new practising certificate has to have been ISSUED before a barrister may practise from 1 July 2007.

For more...

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Letter to the editor, Daily Telegraph (unpublished), 9 May 2007

The Editor Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph's publication on Saturday of the names of those who provided written character statements for Dr Patrick Power under the headline “Pervert and his...

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"Trial by the Sunday Telegraph": Bar Association media release on 7 May 2007

Fear not fairness: trial by the Sunday Telegraph

7 May 2007

The Sunday Telegraph's self-proclaimed "legal victory" – its decision to publish the names of those who provided written character...

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New State Coroner Appointed

NSW Attorney General John Hatzistergos has announced the appointment of Magistrate Mary Jerram as the new State Coroner.

Mr Hatzistergos also announced the appointment of a new Deputy State Coroner,...

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Land and Environment Court - New Practice Notes

New Practice Notes issued by the Chief Judge of the Land and Environment Court.�

  • Practice Note - Class 1 Development Appeals
  • Practice Note - Classes 1, 2 and 3 Miscellaneous Appeals
  • Practice...
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