'A Fair Go For Injured People' TV campaign is underway


In September last year the New South Wales Bar Association, the Law Society of New South Wales, the Law Council of Australia and Australian Lawyers Alliance launched a joint public information campaign entitled 'A Fair Go For Injured People'. Our participation is for seriously injured people who are now unable to claim just and fair compensation for pain, suffering and permanent disabilities. Today marks a significant stage in the escalation of that campaign in the lead up to the state election.

The peak legal organisations have arranged for the production of aTV commercial, which will be aired by Prime Television. By the time you read this circular, the ads will have begun airing across New South Wales. The campaign will continue up to the election with radio and television coverage in select parts of the state.

It is unprecedented for the Bar Association to be actively engaged in airing advertisements on commercial TV. Sadly, such a move is necessary. It is important to note that neither the Bar, the Law Society nor other bodies will be campaigning for or against any political party. The purpose of the campaign is to create public awareness of a policy issue which is important for all people in New South Wales.

The then New South Wales Government first made drastic changes to motor accidents and workers compensation personal injury laws in 1999 and 2001. With the objective of reducing of the number of so-called 'minor' claims the government introduced harsh whole person impairment threshold tests to make it more difficult to receive compensation for injuries on our roads and in our workplaces. The campaign will ask the politicians of all major parties to take a policy position which will restore consistency and fairness to injury compensation laws in this state.

Members may view or download a copy of the commercial by clicking on this link. You may wish to forward this e-mail to other interested parties.

Michael Slattery QC


06 February 2007

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