Expert Evidence List


Uniform Court Rules as to expert evidence were introduced in December 2006. Part 31.19 of the rules provides that any litigant seeking to adduce expert evidence must seek directions from the court.

The Equity Division has instituted an Expert Evidence List before Hamilton J at 9.00am each Wednesday. Any case in which expert evidence is to be called is to be referred to this list for directions concerning that evidence.

Generally the direction as to valuation evidence in Family Provision Act and Property Relationships Act cases will be that the parties obtain estate agents estimates (which will be admitted in those cases under the practice of the court). Full valuations must not be obtained except by special direction of the court.

Consent orders may be submitted no later than Monday to Hamilton J's associate at� If they are approved, they will be made without attendance of the parties. If they are not approved, the parties must attend on the Wednesday.

24 July�2007

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