Provisions of the Criminal Legislation Amendment Act 2007 commence today


The following provisions of the Criminal Legislation Amendment Act 2007 commence today, following their gazettal.

_Criminal Procedure Act 1986: _to make further provision for pre-trial disclosure requirements and ensure that the withdrawal of a matter by the prosecution does not prevent later proceedings in respect of the same matter against the same person.

Criminal Appeal Act 1912: to make further provision for Crown appeals that are dealt with in the absence of the respondent.

Crimes Act 1900: to create a new offence of supplying explosives and increase the existing penalty for possessing or making explosives.

Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985:�_to prohibit the possession of instructions about how to make prohibited drugs and�remake uncommenced provisions of the _Drug Misuse and Trafficking Amendment Act 2006.

Amendments to the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 relating to the possession of precursors and drug manufacture apparatus will not commence until supporting regulations have been developed.

7 December 2007

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