Room for Sale on Level 2 Selborne

Newly renovated floor, bright and well appointed room

An internal room with about 3.5 x 4.1 metres of usable floor space (3,503 shares in Counsels Chambers Limited) is available on Level 2 Selborne Chambers. The room is fully equipped with plush carpet, air conditioning, roller blinds, and extensive built in bookcases and cupboards including a robes cupboard.  Furniture, including a full size leather top desk, can be included in the sale.

The floor is excellently located, being 3 floors up from the Bar library and next to the Supreme Court building.  Floor fees are very reasonable in return for such convenience of location.

The common areas of the floor are freshly renovated and stand up well to any meeting space in the city.  For more details about the room and the floor, including more photographs, please see the full advert at  Please contact Phil (0421 840380) at if you have any questions.  All enquiries will be kept confidential.

Internal view
Reception area