Five ways to wellbeing

The Five Ways to Wellbeing is an evidence-based approach to feeling good and functioning well. They are simple, every day actions to contribute to a positive experience of life. They are: Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give.  The Bar Council's Wellbeing Committee organises, facilitates and promotes a variety of activities and events to support the Five Ways. 


Connecting with colleagues at social events is an effective way to build a positive outlook, especially for those in the early years of practice at the bar. The committee organises Bench and Bar lunches, while the Bar Association fosters collegiality through the annual Bench & Bar Dinner, the Tutors & Readers Dinner, 15 Bobbers and other social events. It also supports a variety of interest groups, such as the Bar Book Club and the Knitting Club.

Eat, sleep, move

The Bar Association encourages members to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle by facilitating organised sporting and recreational activities and providing information about the benefits of sleep and good nutrition.


Learning to focus on the present moment, listening to colleagues and developing inner strength are essential habits for wellness, resilience and effective performance at the bar table. The Wellbeing Committee supports mindfulness meditation sessions, yoga and a range of activities to help members to be fully in the present.

Keep learning

Taking on new roles, stepping outside one’s comfort zone, or developing interests, hobbies and pastimes is an effective step to better wellbeing. The committee is developing a number of important projects: the Experienced Barristers Program, which is designed to meet the needs of the large cohort of barristers aged over 70 as they transition to retirement.

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The New South Wales Bar has a strong and proud tradition of philanthropy. Giving back to the community gives barristers a sense of fulfilment and purpose. Our members give generously to their colleagues raising funds for charities, whether they are running in marathons, riding through the Outback or taking part in the CEO Sleepout.