The Women Barristers Forum is a section of the New South Wales Bar Association created for promoting and supporting Women at the New South Wales Bar.

WBF Meeting

General Meeting

The WBF invites you to join the 2021 financial year AGM on 27 April 2022 via Zoom at 5pm. At this AGM, we will report on the financial statements for the year ending 30 June 2021. We propose also to confirm the election of office bearers held on 16 June 2021, but to elect a new Co-Secretary following a resignation in March 2022.

The remainder of the business of the AGM will be put over to the 2022 financial year AGM to be held in August 2022 to allow us to meet in person for drinks from 5:30pm. All women barristers are automatically 'members' of the Women Barristers Forum and are invited to attend the AGM.

All are invited to the drinks, in particular, women barristers under 5. Details of the drinks to be advertised in InBrief in coming days.

Please contact Emily Graham by email to emily.graham@chambers.net.au for the Zoom Link and Agenda for the meeting and for proxy and nomination forms.


Please refer to our  News and Events pages for information and updates on the work of WBF.


The genesis of the WBF was a function held in March 2002 to promote camaraderie amongst women at the bar and to forge links with solicitors, members of the bar and the judiciary. Over 200 members of the profession attended. WBF was formally established in 2004 and became a section of the New South Wales Bar Association in 2007.

The Women Barristers Forum is a section of the New South Wales Bar Association created for promoting and supporting Women at the New South Wales Bar.

The work of the Women Barristers Forum is to:

  • promote awareness, discussion and resolution of issues which particularly affect women barristers;
  • identify, highlight and eradicate discrimination against women in law and in the legal system;
  • advance substantive, and not merely formal, equality for women at the bar and in the legal profession generally;
  • provide a professional and social network for women barristers;
  • support and encourage women at the bar;
  • promote the interests and skills of women barristers; and
  • support diversity and flexibility at the bar.

Throughout the year the WBF holds seminars, arranges networking functions and assists in the creation of policies and measures aimed at advancing women at the bar. WBF also seeks to work closely with the Equal Opportunity Committee of the New South Wales Bar Association and Women Lawyers Association of NSW.

Terms of reference

Women at the New South Wales Bar: the Years to 1975

It's comparatively commonplace to see women practising as barristers today, but before 1976 in New South Wales, it was a very different story. The WBF, with the support of the Bar Association, has produced a multimedia presentation about the pioneering women at the New South Wales Bar. Full interviews and biographical details of these incredible women can be found here.



The current executive committee of the WBF

Chair: Naomi Sharp SC
Co-Vice-Chairs:   Ingrid King and Madeleine Bridgett
Co-Secretaries: Christine Melis and Emily Graham
Treasurer: Rosalind Winfield
CPD Co-ordinators: Claire Palmer and Claire Roberts
Equitable briefing: Ingrid King
WLA Liaison Officer: Renée Bianchi
Diversity & Equality Opportunity Committee Liaison Officer: Renée Bianchi
Social: Elizabeth Picker, Caroline Dobraszczyk and Anna Elizabeth.

Correspondence to:

Women Barristers Forum
New South Wales Bar Association Basement,
Selborne Chambers
174 Phillip Street
Sydney NSW 2000


If you have news about a WBF member, have some suggestions as to how WBF can best promote women at the bar, or have concerns or need assistance please contact us.


The WBF thanks Thomson Reuters for sponsoring its activities.

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