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Attorney-General Robert McClelland among the new members of the Bar Association

At a meeting of Bar Council on 2 October, the persons listed below were accepted as members of the New South Wales Bar Association.

**Surname** **Given�name�** **Chambers�**
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Victorian Bar Council office bearers for 2008/2009

The following office bearers have been appointed at a Victorian Bar Council meeting, held on 23 October 2008:

Chairman John Digby QC Senior Vice-Chairman Michael Colbran QC Junior Vice-Chairman Mark...

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Bench and Bar Tennis Day 2008

The�2008 Bench and Bar Tennis Day�will be held on grass at the Royal Sydney Golf Club, Kent Road, Rose Bay on Tuesday,�23 December 2008.�One of the�prestigious�prizes...

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2008 Law and Justice Awards

The annual�Law and Justice Awards were presented on Wednesday, 29 October at Parliament House. The Bar Association sponsors the Law and Justice Volunteer Award, which was presented by President...

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Attorney-General Robert McClelland hints at consultation on Charter of Rights

Attorney-General Robert McClelland, in a speech delivered at a NSW Young Lawyers forum, has reviewed the Rudd government’s progress in implementing international human rights instruments and...

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Canada inquires into detention of its citizens in Egypt and Syria

The detention abroad of Australian citizens David Hicks and Mamdou Habib has been the subject of considerable comment by the legal profession and the media. Similarly, in Canada, controversy has...

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Queensland appoints a new crown solicitor

Queensland Attorney-General Kerry Shine has today announced the appointment of�the new crown solicitor, Mr Greg Cooper. Mr Cooper takes over the position on Saturday, 1 November 2008, following...

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Recent House of Lords decision

The following decision of the lords of appeal�is available on the House of Lords web site:

A (Appellant) v Hoare (Respondent) and ors��[2008] UKHL 6��30 January 2008


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Mostly beyond reasonable doubt - usually

The overwhelming majority of jurors have little or no problem understanding judicial instructions on the law or the judge’s summing-up of evidence at the end of the trial, but would benefit from...

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Legislation to note: Civil Liability Legislation Amendment Bill 2008

The Bar Association's concerns�in respect of the Civil Liability Legislation Amendment Bill 2008�were aired during second reading�debate in the Legislative Council on Tuesday, 28...

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Fees owed to counsel - Bob Chan Lawyer

Pursuant to s623(2) of the Legal Profession Act 2004 (NSW), the Law Society of New South Wales has appointed Mr Raymond Collins, solicitor, to manage the law practice of�Bob Chan Lawyer, Suite...

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Appellate Advocacy Workshop

On 21-22 November the Australian Advocacy Institute will host the Appellate Advocacy Workshop, to be conducted by Professor the Hon George Hampel AM QC, the Hon Justice Mark Weinberg, Justice Nahim...

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Webwatch: UN Audiovisual Library of International Law

The United Nations Office of Legal Affairs launched the Audiovisual Library of International Law, which�aims to provide free, scholarly resources to students and practictioners around the world,...

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DOCS arrangements for service of court applications

The Department of Community Services wishes to advise members of its arrangements for the service of court applications. Initiating documents for appeals and other applications to the District Court...

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Industrial dispute in correctional centres may affect legal visits and audiovisual links

The Public Service Association has organised a�protest rally�for Wednesday, 29 October 2008 against the reforms to correctional centres.�The PSA advises that there will be "unavoidable...

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Cases selected for reporting in NSWLR by the editor, Bret Walker SC

The following cases will be published in a forthcoming volume of NSWLR:

R v Einfeld [2008] NSWCCA 243 GPT RE Ltd v Belmorgan Property Development Pty Ltd [2008] NSWCA 256

For further information,...

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Papers to note: Sentencing Council report on penalties relating to sexual assault offences

The New South Wales Sentencing Council has released its first report into penalties relating to sexual assault offences and child pornography. The report examines whether the penalties currently...

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US election results live in the Bar Common Room

Continuous coverage of counting in the US elections will be available via the big screen projector in the Bar�Common Room on Wednesday, 5 November. All members are welcome to come...

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2008 Law Society Council election results

The following members were declared elected as councillors of the Law Society of New South Wales by the secretary, in accordance with clause 8.3.7 of the Articles of Association of The Law Society of...

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Silks scroll ceremony: photos available for purchase

Photographs of the 2008 senior counsel presentation ceremony, held on�17 October,�are now available online for purchase from the Murray Harris Photography web site. Upon entering the site,...

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Final meeting of 2008 Bar Council

The final meeting of the 2008 Bar Council before the upcoming election was held last night. I would like to thank all 2008 Bar councillors for their hard work and dedication over the last twelve...

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Election of 2009 Bar Council - the ballot

Ballot papers for the election of the 2009 Bar Council will be mailed today to all those eligible to vote. Any member who has not received their ballot paper by the evening of Thursday, 30 October...

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American Bar Association publishes its "must-do" list for the next president of the United States

The American Bar Association has published what it calls a memorandum to the next president�of the United States, regarding his first thirty days in office. It begins: "Once you take office in...

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House of Lords decision on displaced Indian Ocean islanders

The following four opinions of the lords of appeal are available on the House of Lords web site:

R (on the application of Bancoult) Respondent v Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth...

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Cases selected for reporting in the Australian Law Reports (LexisNexis)

The Australian Law Reports provide reports of decisions of the High Court, the Federal Court and other courts throughout Australia in significant federal matters. Part 2 of 249 ALR includes:� ...

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