Bar News

Terms of reference

The Bar News Committee consists of the editor and other barristers. Its function is to oversee the publication of Bar News, which is the journal of the New South Wales Bar Association and is published three times per year. Contributions to the magazine usually come from members of the Bar Association but also include interesting contributions from those involved generally with the legal community. 

Each issue attempts to include pieces on recent developments, public addresses, features on life at the bar, practice developments, interviews, personality and book reviews, obituaries and humour. 

The editorial committee makes decisions on what articles are suitable for publication. Members of the committee are expected to liaise broadly with the bar and to solicit or obtain from the bar matters of interest to members. Particular aspects from the work of the association which are a special interest to members will be highlighted in the journal from time to time.


Ingmar Taylor SC (Chair) 
Gail Furness SC   
Anthony Cheshire SC  
Farid Assaf SC 
Dominic Villa SC 
Penny Thew 
Reg Graycar 
Sean O’Brien 
Kavita Balendra  
Daniel Tynan 
Daniel Klineberg 
Catherine Gleeson  
Talitha Fishburn  
Kevin Tang 
Ann Bonnor 
Simon Philips 
Belinda Baker 
Steven Ryan 
Douglas McDonald-Norman 
Naomi Wootton 
David Townsend 

Chris Winslow (Bar Association Staff Member)