Criminal Law

Terms of reference
  • Address legislative changes and proposals for such change in the criminal law, as and when they arise  
  • Provide advice to Bar Council and prepare submissions as and when required.


Stephen Odgers SC (Co-Chair) 
Gabrielle Bashir SC (Co-Chair)
John Stratton SC 
Matt Johnston SC 
Richard Wilson SC 
Frank Veltro SC
Kieran Ginges 
Nathan Steel 
Lester Fernandez 
Kellie Stares 
Pauline David 
Paul Coady 
Helen Roberts
Duncan Brakell 
Ben Bickford
Elizabeth McLaughlin 
Nerissa Keay 
Christopher Parkin 
Rose Khalilzadeh 
Georgina Westgarth 
Linda Barnes
Academic member
Nicholas Cowdery QC (UNSW)

Richard Easton (Bar Association Staff Member)

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