Innovation & Technology

Terms of reference
  • Identify, investigate and monitor new technological developments that may change the nature of a barristers work and their practice;
  • Educate members on the latest technology and ensure members are properly equipped to use and embrace developments that may boost efficiency and productivity;
  • Assist members with incorporating the latest technology into their practice;
  • Ensure members are aware of digital security requirements and guard against potential breaches of data security;
  • Promote and ensure the ethical use of digital devices and services including social media, cloud based file sharing, data security, storage and deletion, hardware and software; and
  • Provide advice to Bar Council on matters relating to technology as requested.


Michael Green SC 
Angela Bowne SC
Greg Waugh SC
Tamir Maltz 
Ben Kremer 
Beth Oliak 
Raphael Perla 
Anton Hughes 
Alexander Edwards
Wen Wu 
Daniel Meyerowitz-Katz 
Jordan Widjaja 
Jackie Charles (clerk) 
Academic member
Carolyn McKay (USyd)

Chris Winslow (Bar Association Staff Member)