Inquests & Inquiries

Terms of reference

The Inquests and Inquiries Committee is comprised of barristers with an interest in and practice encompassing all aspects of inquests and inquiries work. The Committee:

  • assists the Association and Bar Council in formulating its position on issues that affect the substantive law, procedure and practice rules in these areas, including by preparing submissions and correspondence to government and non-government bodies;
  • maintains engagement with the various courts, commissions, tribunals and other relevant bodies, including the Crown Solicitor’s Office;
  • raises the concerns of members practising in these areas so that they can be brought to the attention of the Association and Bar Council where appropriate; and
  • supports members who practice in these areas, including by organising CPD events.


Kristina Stern SC (Chair)
Sophie Callan SC (Deputy Chair)
Patrick Griffin SC
Adam Casselden SC
David Kell SC
Donna Ward SC
Scott Robertson SC
Paul Bolster
Patrick Rooney
Kirsten Edwards
Robert Ranken
Trent Glover
Joanna Davidson
Christine Melis
Louise Coleman
Hugh Dillon
Jake Harris
Emma Sullivan
Sarah Love

Alanna Condon (Bar Association Staff Member)