Human Rights

Terms of reference
  • Monitor legislation and prospective legislation and policy for its impact on human rights
  • Provide opinion to the Bar Council, the Criminal Law Committee and the president on human rights issues
  • Deal with such other matters as are referred to it by the Bar Council or the Executive for consideration and report
  • Raise awareness among members of the profession and public of human rights issues


Sarah Pritchard SC (Co-Chair)
Simeon Beckett (Co-Chair) 
Craig Lenehan SC
James Dupree
Miiko Kumar 
Kate Barrett 
Brenda Tronson 
Trent Glover
Bora Kaplan 
Carmel Lee 
Evangeline Arulrajah
Charles Gregory 
Corrie Goodhand 
Celia Winnett 
Madeleine Bridgett 
Douglas McDonald-Norman 
Eva Buzo 
Kathleen Heath
Academic member
Dr Daniel Joyce (UNSW)

Richard Easton (Bar Association Staff Member)