Human Rights

Terms of reference
  • Monitor legislation and prospective legislation and policy for its impact on human rights
  • Provide opinion to the Bar Council, the Criminal Law Committee and the president on human rights issues
  • Deal with such other matters as are referred to it by the Bar Council or the Executive for consideration and report
  • Raise awareness among members of the profession and public of human rights issues


Simeon Beckett SC (Co-Chair)
Miiko Kumar (Co-Chair)
Craig Lenehan SC
Donna Ward SC
Kate Barrett
Brenda Tronson
Trent Glover
Bora Kaplan
Jason Donnelly
Carmel Lee
Evangeline Arulrajah
Charles Gregory
Corrie Goodhand
Fiona McNeil
Madeleine Bridgett
Celia Winnett
Douglas McDonald-Norman
Oliver Jones
Kathleen Heath
Kate Beattie
Dr Katherine Fallah
Dr Daniel Joyce (Academic Member, UNSW)

Alanna Condon (Bar Association Staff Member)