Succession and Protective Law

Terms of reference
  • Identify, investigate and monitor developments in the succession, protective and guardianship law;
  • Assist the Association and Bar Council in formulating its position on issues that affect the substantive law, procedure and practice rules in these areas, including by preparing submissions and correspondence to government and non-government bodies;
  • Support and encourage members who practice in these areas, including by the provision of CPD opportunities; and
  • Maintain involvement and liaison with the various courts and other relevant bodies, including the NSW Trustee, Supreme Court Registrars and the Elder Law, Capacity and Succession Committee of the Law Society of NSW.


Lindsay Ellison SC (Chair)
Ian Davidson SC
David Liebhold
Francois Salama
Hayley Bennett
Simon Chapple
Kirralee Young
Justin Brown
Irina Hoskinson
Craig Birtles
Kim Boettcher
Lara Nurpuri

Madison Thompson (Bar Association Staff Member)