Terms of reference

The Education Committee provides advice, support and guidance to the Bar Council, the Executive Director, the Professional Development Department and other departments of the New South Wales Bar Association in respect of the educational activities of the NSW Bar, and implements on Bar Council’s behalf:

  • the NSW Bar Exam, conducted twice a year by the Professional Development Department with the assistance of the Bar Exam sub-committee;
  • the Bar Practice Course, run twice a year by the Bar Practice Course Director and Professional Development Department;
  • the tutor / reader programme, conducted for the first year of each new barrister’s career at the bar;
  • the mentoring programme conducted each year by the Professional Development Department for barristers who have completed the tutor/reader programme; and
  • Continuing Professional Development, a programme run throughout the year by the Professional Development Department.

In its activities, the Education Committee supports attainment of the objectives set out in the New South Wales Bar Association’s Strategic Plan from time to time, which as at 27 July 2017, includes:

  • the continuing education of barristers;
  • the development of transformational knowledge and skills so that barristers can compete in the environment of increasing internationalization of the law;
  • equality and diversity of the NSW Bar membership; and
  • supporting readers and the junior bar.


Patrick Griffin SC(Chair)
Zelie Heger (Deputy Chair)
Ed Muston SC
Michael O’Meara SC
Frank Veltro SC
Perry Herzfeld SC
Sean Docker SC
Gillian Mahony SC
Philip Hogan
Lester Fernandez
Hayley Bennett
Ralphed Notley
Shauna Ross
Callan O’Neill
Tamasin Jonker
Christina Trahanas
Georgina Westgarth
Jillian Caldwell
Sarah Constable
Professor Alex Steele

Bali Kaur (Bar Association Staff Member)