Diversity and Equality

Terms of reference

The Diversity and Equality Committee leads the development, implementation and promotion of strategies, policies and initiatives designed to attract, retain and nurture members of the NSW Bar who are reflective of the community they serve. The committee fosters best practice, diversity, inclusion of difference and equality of opportunity for its members. It seeks to ensure that people who wish to join the bar and its members are treated equally and not disadvantaged by their unique attributes which contribute to the overall advancement of the profession. Through education, the committee aims to promote diversity, the value of difference, eliminate prejudice and bias and encourage equality and collegiality among the members of the bar.


Kate Eastman SC (Chair) 
Melissa Fisher (Deputy Chair) 
Robert Lethbridge SC 
Miles Condon SC 
Sean Flood 
Melanie Cairns 
Awais Ahmad 
Elisa Holmes
Renee Bianchi 
Nipa Dewan 
Stephen Tully 
Sonia Tame 
Uche Okereke-Fisher 
Pandelis Tiliakos 
Karen Petch 
Carolina Soto 
Kathleen Heath
Mahmud Hawila 
Elly Phelan 
Jeh Coutinho (Clerk)

Alanna Condon (Bar Association Staff Member)