Family Law

Terms of reference
  • Represent the interests of the NSW Bar with all stakeholders in the family law sphere and, to this end, to maintain engagement with each of the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia on a regular basis
  • Support and encourage members of the NSW Bar who practice in the family law sphere, including by the provision of CPD opportunities
  • Maintain an active participation in developments in the family law sphere, including in the development and reform of legislation and practice rules
  • Support and maintain engagement by those who practice family law with the Bar Association and its broader membership.


Robert Lethbridge SC (Chair)
Hon Stephen O’Ryan QC 
Peter Cummings SC 
Mark Anderson 
Christopher Lawrence 
Michael Weightman 
John Longworth 
Neil Jackson 
Mary Rebehy 
Claire Cantrall 
Sarwa Abdelraheem 
Linton Teoh 
Sarah McCarthy

Madison Thompson (Bar Association Staff Member)