New Barristers

Terms of reference
  • Promote the pursuit of excellence through targeted Continued Professional Development, camaraderie through social events and other traditions of the general Bar amongst NSW barristers under 6 years
  • Assist NSW barristers under 6 years to build and develop their practices
  • Make submissions to the Bar Council regarding issues and matters that affect the interests of barristers under 6 years seniority
  • Otherwise support the work of the Bar Council as and when needed


Elly Phelan (Co-Chair)
Claire Roberts (Co-Chair)
Alison Hammond
Eugene Chan
Ella Dalrymple
Aleksandra Ilic
David Townsend
Chelsea Brain
Jacob Tate
Brienna Anderson
Chauntelle Ingenito
Winnie Liu
Samuel Murray
Fabian Di Lizia
Melissa McGrath
Michael Morgan
Maggie Kearney
Joel Brook
John Fennel
Jack Isackson
Jeh Coutinho (Clerk)

Bali Kaur (Bar Association Staff Member)